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i've been explore how to always get up to date all about security info, this is my collection :
1. joint security forum

Flash Mi5 with lineage OS

For this process, you will need to:

=== download ===
miui : 8.8.30 : http://bigota.d.miui.com/8.8.30/gemini_global_images_8.8.30_20180830.0000.00_8.0_global_dda9b3fc14.tgz 
gapps : https://opengapps.org/?arch=arm64&api=8.1&variant=micro 
lineageOS : https://download.lineageos.org/gemini
TWRP :  https://dl.twrp.me/gemini/
MI unlocktools : https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software-hacking/tool-miunlocktool-unlock-bootloader-t3782444/page6

=== steep === 
1. unlock bootloader first
   - create Mi Account
   - request unlock
2. add mi account to smartphone
3. wait 72 hourss for response from Xiaomi

Menambah Ukuran Partisi LVM2

Karena Kebutuhan Re-develop system baru, suatu storage dengan fisik Compact Flash harus diupgrade. Penggunaan storage Compact Flash yang sebelumnya hanya 4GB diupgrade menjadi 8 GB. Alhasil ada free available 4GB yang ada pada storage. Karena sistem menggunakan modeling partisi LVM2 (metode untuk mengelola volume ruang simpan). sehingga data - data yang ada tidak akan terganggu ketika akan ditambahkan ukurannya.

Solved Input/output error on LVM Partition

LVM partition Input/output error ? this error was founded when i use tools vgscan . Because my system not using LVM partition, i use tools vgscan and vgchange to access lvm partiion on Compact Flash My development machine.
default on Compact Flash has 2 partition. 1st for boot partition and the 2nd LVM partition. This error will appear the 2nd time i access (using vgscan)

How to install zabbix server v 2.0.3 on slackware

How to install zabbix server v 2.0.3 on slackware ? By using slackbuilds zabbix server you can create slackware package for zabbix server. Let's do it:

mp3 compresed using audacity

By default, Audacity didn't include with mp3 compresed. When we try to export file as mp3 format it will requere libmp3lame as library compression.

You just need install lame to your slackware machine. Use SlackBuilds to build from source (I used slackware64 13.37 in this tutorial). Download the source and scripts: