Restore PostgreSQL 10.6 from crash server

Prepare the new machine with the same version PostgreSQL, ( in this case , we use 10.6 , On Slackware machine ).

PostgreSQL session : 
- Install PostgreSQL using this link
- Change version download source into :
- Change version postgresql.SlackBuild ( 10.6 ) , edit line :
- Build  using script :

Install kali linux 2020.1


install offline kali linux 2020.1 ( make usb bootable first )

then boot your computer using this usb bootable media

In my thinkpad edge 330 ( laptop ) , there was a problem with the wifi & desktop manager,
so i use this step :

1. add the repository list :
add /etc/apt/sources.list
 deb kali-rolling main non-free contrib

vacuum systemd journal logs

On this morning ( 02:10 AM ) on my server send alert that was disk usage was critical. We realize that size of folder /var/log/journal/ was not normal. The logs can start to add more and take considerable amount of disk space.

Use cloudfuse for access bizznet GIO Storage

yum install gcc make fuse-devel curl-devel libxml2-devel openssl-devel json-c-devel json-c json_simple json_diff
mkdir app/
cd app/
git clone

cd cloudfuse/
make install
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/lib64/pkgconfig/

Flash RedmiNote 8T with PixelExperience

For this process, you will need to:

=== download ===
Tools UBL :

PE Image  :

=== steep === 
1. unlock bootloader first

How to mount an ext4 Partition on a macOS Sierra

MacOS Seirra version 10.12.6 ( 16G2128 )

I'm use from this link

download the software