Google Earth on Slackware 13.37

Google Earth on Slackware 13.37. How to install google earth on slackware ? Basically slackware not include google earth in list the software. But you can install from slackbuilds. Why should using slackbuilds ? By using slackbuilds, it will create slackware package format with specific compressed .tgz or txz . Using slackware package the system allows you to keep track of the packages you install, making it easy to upgrade or remove them down the road. So there is the steps :

1. Downlad the file that need it from
or you can use wget like this

2. Execute the script by type
bash-4.1# bash GoogleEarth.SlackBuild
it will create slackware package base Google Etarh

3. After finishing the proses, you should need doing this
ln -sf /lib/ /lib/

Because Google Earth 6 is "LSB compliant" meaning it was built on a LSB system. Slackware however does not have that symlink which is part of the LSB 3.0 (and LSB 4.0 since this release) specification. You'll need to create the symlink manually after installing the package. (Slackblog)

or you will get this (while on my slackware)
bash-4.1$ googleearth
/usr/bin/googleearth: line 18: /opt/GoogleEarth/googleearth-bin: No such file or directory
/usr/bin/googleearth: line 18: /opt/GoogleEarth/googleearth-bin: Success

4. The last steps , just install the package by doing this :
installpkg /tmp/GoogleEarth-

Now you can using google earth on your slackware


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