Change default Gammu Config file

Today i had problem with my server (use Linux Slackware) services for sms daemon (gammu). It didnt work as well when state of detection device get changed, from ttyUSB0 to ttyUSB3. So i came up some my best solution to create some condition by making secondary config file after i read this documentation and monitored dmesg log it will Change default Gammu Config file. From what i got in these log

and here is error message:

So, i need to create two different file configuration of gammu
primary file as default /etc/gammurc
secondary file /etc/gammurc-backup

In python scrip it would like this:

import gammu
sm = gammu.StateMachine()
  sm.ReadConfig(Filename = '/etc/gammurc-backup')

These code will make 2 condition , if default configuration ttyUSB2 exist then execute and if does not exist, it will using secondary configuration. It works.

Souce :

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