[Redmi Note 8T] Flashing new ROM got : unable to decrypt fbe device

After updating to newest Evolution X 4.6 via dirty install the phone always boots into twrp.
TWRP shows an error message "unable to decrypt fbe device".

When i tried flash Universal DM-Verity, ForceEncrypt
the phone get bootloop. So it's seem like i must do clean install for this matter.

Because i was careless not doing backup my data first. ( oh maaaaan... ), hehehe
So i did rollback ( downgrade ) to last version Evolution X 4.5 so i can get my data first ( in order to access internal storage ).

after backup all my data. then let's re-flashing ( upgrade ) with clean install Evolution X 4.6 :
1. Make sure you're running the latest TWRP/PBRP
2. Boot into recovery
3. Wipe System/Data/Vendor/Cache
4. Flash Evolution X 4.6
5. Wipe Cache
6. Format data
7. Reboot to recovery
8. Flash Magisk.zip (optional)
9. Reboot to system

Note : step number 6 very important, when i didn't do format data, you will see in /sdcard/ with encrupted files and you can not remove ( with file manager)

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